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Welcome to our Learning center.



Here you can find access to all of our available On-Line courses.

From the menu on the right, please purchase a Certification Path and then begin your course.

For our demo site, all courses are free, so you just need to add them by clicking 'Buy Now'.

However, as this is a demo site and many users will be browsing and testing it, please be aware that some features may not be set as free.

Main Features of the LMS King Extension set.

  • Easy Creation Wizard to get you up and running in only 5 minutes.
  • Jomsocial Compatability (Student details on the apps page and Points System)
  • Alpha User Points Compatability
  • SCORM Compatability
  • Alvideos plugin Media Support
  • Responsive Layouts
  • Content Plugin support for on 'Content Prepare' function
  • File sharing between students and teachers
  • Chat functionality between students, teachers and assistants
  • eMail messaging system
  • Alternative profile system (If you aren't using JomSocial)
  • FeedBack system so that you can get feedback from your students
  • Basic forum system for discussing lesson-related topics
  • Language translator application using google translate to translate all the application Language files into your own language


  • Third party cart support - Purchase access to Certification Paths via Virtuemart and other extensions.
  • Better JomSocial profile support
  • New and improved creation wizards (due to user feedback)
  • iDev affiliate integration
  • Video lessons and better documentation


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